Wednesday, February 3, 2010

still no pictures, internet blows

Internet is still spotty so be patient with pictures. Days 2 and 3 were very busy. We rode a bus to the tops of the mountains and hikes around. The views were magnificent. It was kind of annoying because apparently we had some famous ecologist talk to us about Sete but he only spoke French so everything had to be translated. Three of my teachers don’t speak much English so everything has to be translates. Kind of annoying. Studio is going to be more work than I though. It is a 30-minute walk away from the apartment, mostly along the sea. I have not had any crazy food yet. Apparently Mal had Kangaroo last night… she said it was good, I think I’ll have to take her word on that.

Another thing about our studio… drug dealers hang outside of the door all day and do their business. They are funny and try to talk to us in English. Nicholas (our main professor) tells us to be nice to them and they’ll be nice to us. . Its pretty funny.

I’m getting used to the small room. Its not as bad as originally thought. I think I was just cranky from the traveling.

Last night I bought a 2 euro bottle of win and it was delicious. Tonight I shall try a new wine.

Today was exciting because we went to an outdoor market. They have this market every Wednesday morning. Everything Is sold here, fruit, vegis, seafood, meat, clothes, underwear, watches ( I bought a watch for 5 euro). It was really exciting, I didn’t buy any food but I sampled some cheese, some were good other were gross.

Tonight I shall try something local for dinner with a nice wine. It is 8:00pm, we got out of class at 7:15, we usually will get out around this time so that going to take a while to get used to.

Something that is really cool about Sete is that everyday between the hours of 12 and 2 everyone takes a break. Stores shut down, and people just go out and relax. It’s pretty cool. I have enjoyed just laying around next to the canals and eating a fresh baguette.

I know this is very scattered but I’m still really tired from traveling and words and keyboards are not my best friend right now.

Au revoir!