Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cool beans!

Ok so we've been really busy here since the first day. we hit the ground running, literally. as soon as we landed we started the semester. since then we've been getting assignment after assignment.
Besides that nothing too exciting has been going on.
I think I've figured out what my trips will be. March 3-7 Taylor and maybe Chris and I will be going to London for a night and then to Dublin for the rest of the weekend. Then from April 1st the the 6th I will be going to Morocco. Where in Morocco you ask? I haven't a clue, wherever I can find cheap airfare and hostels.
The fist weekend in France consisted of us playing board games with children and their parents. As lame as it sounded I actually had a lot of fun @ game night. I don't think I'll be doing it every Saturday night, but i do see myself going back maybe a few more times.
After the game night we went to a cafe that turns into a disco night club at night. It was a cool place I guess; It was loaded with 17 year old pleathers who thought they were hot shit. mixed drink run ya about 8 euro; beers were anywhere between 2.50-5.50. I bought one 50 cl. kronenburgh for 5.50 and just sat back and watched all night. I wasn't in the mood to be spending tons of money.
It was interesting because a lot of people in our group were drinking the 50 cl beers and everyone else in the club was drinking mixed drinks or other weird shit. They actually ran out of the 50 cl beer glasses, I don't think they are used to having 16 americans there drinking lots of big beers.
I think everyone enjoyed themselves that night and I think we'll all go back again some other time. The next time i will go predrunk. that way, i will still only buy one beer and sip on it all night.
Sunday consisted of me being in studio all day. no Super Bowl, No wings, No pizza, No beer. Really lame super bowl sunday if you ask me. I am glad the Saints won though, what made it even better was that peyton manning threw and INT to ruin the game. If i saw that live i may have celebrated just as hard as when brett Favre threw his INT to ruin the NFC champ this year.

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